Article Summary: Discussion #1

Search for a current news or scholarly article from the Internet. Use key words from this module’s content to search for your article. Read the article thoroughly and develop a 500-word summary response. In your response, address the following items:

Summarize the main points of the article and explain how the main points of the article illustrate profit, revenue, pricing, cost, and production relationships required for managers to optimize decision making, profit maximization, and use of economics concepts to solve management problems.
Illustrate theory of the firm’s framework and how the firm is pursuing their goals of expected value maximization.
At the bottom of your response, provide a list of reference sources (APA style), including the citation for the article you will use and any other sources you use to develop your summary. Your response must be written in professional English style. Review the evaluation rubric to ensure your response meets the grading standards before submitting to your instructor.


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